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DAVE CHAPPELLE'S REDEMPTION SONG - Greatness getting greater!

WARNING: Yep! It’s a spoiler! So look for Redemption Song or be prepared to hate me!

Mt Rushmore of comedy… Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle.

Dave Chapelle will always be on my Mt Rushmore and if one had to be picked, it would be Dave. Chappelle is the absolute greatest comedian of all time and I say this because he has proven it with his Chappelle Show. He has proven it upon his return from comedy after a 12 year hiatus. And he has proven during the pandemic with 8:46, Unforgiven and now, Redemption Song which was uploaded to this IG account a few minutes ago.

A story teller who can connect to the audience’s emotion whether they are live or watching from a screen, Dave Chappelle shared some news with the people. Let’s see if I can break it down for you guys… I mean, it is 10 minutes and 45 seconds long.

But he started by giving praise to God. And then provide a quote: When the hero stumbles, the coward rejoice. I told myself that this quote would connect to the whole show or some parts of it because one thing is true about Chappelle… When he speaks something on stage, he does not speak it just for the sake of speaking it. It connects to the material. It connects to something significant.

He spoke of catching coronavirus recently. He mentioned cowards rejoicing of his diagnosis. He proudly mentioned that he was better after mocking those cowards who rejoiced when he was down.

But then, switches the conversation to Edward Snowdon, the whistleblower who informed the public of the US government’s surveillance of its people. Surveillance that was excused because of a war on terror at the time.

And then he went to Mike Brown protests which showed the militarization of the police before our very eyes. That was excused because… Well… Black People.

And then he spoke about January 6th’s insurrection. The so-called Americans who said Colin Kaepernick could not kneel during the national anthem, but who also people a police officer with the flag they accused #7 of having disrespected.

He said me to take that nigga lesson. Because Snowdon’s whistleblowing came home to roost and the police militarization was turned on them.

From there, he compared the insurrectionists to the plight of the black man and stated that niggas never had to go into the capital and rub their shit on the walls. No, cause if they thought it would have worked, they would have tried it.

He said something that I thought was very important which was that you have to know how to solve your problems and where you power was which is in each other. But the important thing to me was problem solving. I find that to be very important especially when interacting with other human beings. But I digress.

He then referred to Unforgiven. He stated that people laughed at him because he signed a contract. Which resulted in him explaining that he was good at minding his own business and the trick with minding your own business is knowing what is your business. That was the 2nd important thing he said for me. The key to minding your own business is knowing what your business is. The way words were put together drove the point home for me.

He then went back to the cowards who rejoiced about his issues with Comedy Central. And he said another thing that I thought was important again. Dave said these cowards that rejoiced, they don’t understand what greatness is. And that’s usually the thing with those who criticize you, I find. The majority of them do not know what your level of greatness look like and so they just talk shit.

He then explained that he never went to Comedy Central asking for anything. He went to the people, his real boss. And he asked that they stop watching Chappelle Show and they did which made the show worthless. And he thanked the public for keeping him free, stating that he never had to suck dick to do what he wanted to do.

Chappelle announced that he got his name back and license back thanks to the public. He thanked executives at Netflix and Viacom before a montage from the Chappelle Show came to be displayed.

The whole thing ended with the announcement that the Chappelle Show would be on Netflix on February 12… Tonight!

Greatest comedian! Greatest entertainer!

And all of that in 10 minutes and 45 seconds.

A victory for Dave that I felt. And what is the message behind it for us? Fight for what you believe in. He did it when he quit the show. He did it when he returned after 12 years. And he did when he got his name back.

The GOAT, ladies and gentlemen!

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