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There's this porn star that I enjoy watching who, when giving oral to her partners to completion (climax), would look into the camera and say, "Soul collected!"

I thought that was the sexiest thing, seeing her face painted with all that nut and her announcing her victory like that.

But then, it got me thinking...

What do we consider to be successful completion in the area of coitus?

I remembered when I was younger and we would share our exploits and believe that "beating the pussy up" was a sign of having successfully completed coital engagement.

Having her scream her lungs out from painful bliss in response to violent repeated thrusts.

I'll be damned now if I entered any dick measuring contests like this.

Now, mind you, I know some women enjoy the rough kind of fucking where they feel a man's strength against them.

But in my growing up and in what I've had to experience in my lifetime, I noticed that sex is different for some women.

Beating that pussy up... Meh.

Sounds like selfishness in the bedroom.

No more... Energy exchange is what I'm about. As a matter of fact, referring to sex as such seems more accurate for me.

Because from the moment we are in conversation about the possibility of us engaging that way, we're exchanging energy.

Not just flirting... I can flirt with anyone... But the possibility... YES! That is energy exchange from that moment all the way until we have come to completion.

If I could give advice to the youth, I would say, feel the moment, enjoy the moment and make sure your partner enjoys the moment as well. An experience enjoyed together makes it greater than knowing that you've fucked the shit out of her or beaten the pussy up.

I say... Look at it like a team sport.

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