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The Deviant

The author and photograph are the respectable ones…

People will engage with them.

People will publicly acknowledge them.

They’re not challenging. They are safe. They won’t expose.

Now the deviant, I had to give him a name. The Late Shift guy…

He is in your face. He’s loud! He’s challenging and daring.

He was inside, caged in by respectability and religion.

He had to kill the Christian boy before he could flourish.

Even in intimacy, he could not make himself known to those congregated with him in secret.

But now…

I have you in contraption you never thought you could find yourself in.

I place my mouth in places never explored, but you’ve been curious about.

I speak filth that you say you find repulsing when you let your keyboard do the talking, but you desire more when I whisper it to you.

I’m the freedom you want to express.

I’m the one the deviant in you wants to escape to.

Let me in!

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