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The Punishment

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The day had been merciless on me.

The times how I wished I could just leave and forget about this existence in this western civilization, but as I parked my Toyota Corolla next to the Kia Sorento, I looked at the home that housed both these vehicles.

This was a home that had to be paid and I could no leave my wife to deal with the issues all by herself.

I turned off the engine, waiting to hear the sound of the garage door coming down. Once I heard it, I allowed myself to breathe for a little bit, wanting to forget the stress I endured with all the contracts that had been rejected and needed to get rectified. The worst thing a man could do was go back home with the negativity from the office.

It took about five minutes for me to feel a little better. The garage was completely dark, until I stepped out of the car, allowing the sensors to recognize that I was there and turn on the lights. I made my way to the door that led inside my home and there a note was taped to it. I took the notes and started reading:

Hello husband,

I understand that you had a very hard day at your very demanding career at the law firm, and as I came back from my very demanding career at the center, I felt the need for us to have some fun. Mainly me.

So, I want you to take the flash light that is on your right hand side.

I looked to my right and indeed there was a flash light. An tool that usually was inside the house. I went back to reading the letter.

Do not worry, I have added brand new batteries to it.

What will happen now is that you will have to come inside the house and find me. I have cut off the lights in all the rooms, so you can’t cheat. The only way for you to find me is to follow the trail of clues as you enter each room in the house. There will be trivia to help you along. If you answer one question right, my location will be revealed to you. If you do not answer correctly, you will be required to remove an article of clothing and go to the next room. If you’re ready, open the door and shout that you’re ready. You will then be given a signal to let you know that I am waiting for you.

Your beautiful wife

I laughed at the new task that had been laid in front of me. I folded the letter and placed it in my back pocket. After loosening up my tie, I opened the door to the house. As my wife mentioned it in her letter, the place was completely dark. I shouted, “I’m ready!”

I waited for a response. Then, I heard my wife’s voice, “Good luck!”

I waited again. I didn’t know if that was the signal. I set a foot inside and then I heard a bullhorn which made me jump backwards. I was not expecting it and it scared me, but I realized shortly that the sound was my signal telling me that the game had started.

I walked in the dark house. Not a sound was heard in the home. The flashlight allowed me to navigate around this maze that my house had become. The first room that was available when walking in from the garage was the living room. I went in and saw a pair of red lace panties along with a note attached to them.

Welcome to your first clue. I was wearing those panties today.

If you are able to answer this riddle correctly, you will hear a bell and you will be able to come and join me. If you guess wrong, you will have to remove your shirt and go to the dining room.


Shout your answer.

I didn’t have the answer to that question. Then I thought carefully and shouted, “The basement?”

The bullhorn was heard. I knew what that meant. I removed my shirt and left it next to her panties.

With the help of the flashlight, I continued on with the scavenger hunt. I found my wife’s bra in the dining room. There, because I couldn’t find the answer to her riddle, I was forced to remove my pants.

In the kitchen, I found my wife’s skirt and I was forced to leave my undershirt with it. I went to the bathroom by the entrance of our house in just my boxers. What I found there, with the note was a condom next to its wrapper. I laughed as I read the note as it said,

You won’t be needing the contraception.

Make sure you close the door behind you when you do this challenge. I will know if you don’t.

I went ahead and closed the door to the little bathroom behind me. I went back to reading,

Because you reached here, it means that you have not been able to answer any of the riddles presented in front of you and since that’s the case, you must remove your underwear. When you open the door, you will find a trail of rose petals that will lead you to your punishment.

Why am I getting punished, I thought. I removed my boxers and left them next to the condom. I opened the door and the lights were back up in the house. And just like the note stated, there was a trail of rose petals on the floor.

Completely naked, I followed the trail as fast as I could. They led me upstairs into my bedroom. As I opened the door, there, my wife was standing, her back to our dresser in a skin tight red dress.

I said, “That’s unfair. You’re not naked.”

She replied, “You didn’t win. Your punishment is to undress me.”

I laughed, making my way towards her, my girth strengthening with every step. Halfway to her, I asked, “How did you get the lights back on so quickly?”

She laughed. She then moved towards a naked wall in our room and said, “I just flipped the switch.”

I laughed again. She played me really well. I was in front of her, fully erect; my face in front of hers, our breaths intermingling. I placed my hands on her shoulders and I let them slowly fall down to her sides. As they reached her hips, I kneeled down and started hiking up her skirt. Her breathing got loud, as she was in anticipation of my touch.

She was not wearing any underwear. I began kissing her inner left thigh. She gasped and began caressing the top of my head. My kisses moved up all the way to the top of her vineyard, but I didn’t go for a taste. Instead I made my way to her right thigh. Making sure I teased her enough for her to be frustrated. I saw her frustration as soon as she placed her right leg on top of my left shoulder.

I took her other leg and placed it over my other shoulder. As my tongue entered her pussy, I placed my hands against her back and I got up, my face in between her legs and my wife being six feet in the air.

She pushed her waist against my face, looking to enjoy more of what my tongue was doing.

Enjoying the dance my tongue was performing on her, her hips performed a dance of their own on my face; a dance that would make Shakira blush.

Testing my strength, I started moving towards the bed and I laid her down.

I removed my face from between her legs. Her dress hiked up, exposing her naked waist, she was there biting her lower lip, her eyes speaking a language that her tongue didn’t get a chance to learn. A language I was able to understand.

I was naked and my girth was throbbing with anticipation. I went ahead and let myself in her. She was so wet and moist; I slid in without an issue.

My motion was slow, but strong. Her moans were escalating with every strokes. I thought she was about to erupt, but then she surprised me as she locked her legs around my waist and took hold of my arms.

With my surprise, I was not expecting her taking control of the situation, but she flipped everything around, including the position. She was on top of me and I was at the bottom.

While still moving her hips, she laid on top of me, kissing me, her hands holding my head. That feeling was so good, my moans began to come out louder than usual.

I started to feel that eruption about to come. I raised my hips, waiting for it happen and then, a weight had been lifted off of me. That weight was my wife. She was off the bed, fixing up her dress, covering the waist I had worked so hard to expose.

My girth stronger than before, and un-erupted, I asked, “Is there something wrong?”

She smiled at me and said, “No, nothing.”

I waited for a minute. I wanted to hear some sort of explanation. Finally, as she leaned against the dresser, her smile still on her face, I asked, “Why did you stop?”

The smile now looked very sinister as she took a breath. She then said, “I thought you read the last clue.”

“I did.”

She giggled and said, “Then you know that you came up here to be punished.”

She then walked out of the room.

I love my wife.

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