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A Wrong Lifetime

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

We kissed so passionately…

It was as if the world was going to end…

It was as if one of us was ready to die the next day…

It was as if we were about to be separated…

For the past little while, it was like that. Our kissing was more passionate than ever.

While our mouths were intertwined, my hands reached for her breasts, massaging them strongly, as she always liked it.

In between kisses, she allowed for a few moans to be heard. A sign telling me she liked what I was doing.

I was unbuttoning her blouse when it happened and in between, I could feel her warm breath gently caressing my upper lip. The sensation that it gave me… It turned me into this man beast type of person.

That was the height of human desire as it should be. When the slightest movement from your lover made you lose complete control. So much so that I ripped off whatever buttons were left on her blouse, exposing her bra.

We held each other tighter and kissed even harder.

I then removed her bra and focused on her nipples with my tongue, while she rubbed my head. I grabbed on her ass with one hand and fingering her with the other, wanting to remember every part of her with my eyes, my ears, my nose, my hands and my mouth.

She whispered words of approvals several times, at some point even sounding out of breath, enjoying our foreplay.

She then stopped me and laid down on the bed, pointing at her crouch. I just looked at where she was pointing and all she could say was, “Here! Kiss… Here…”

The poor girl was filled with so much desire, she was unable to utter a proper sentence.

I smiled and obliged her. I laid down like a sniper and began to lick and suck on that particular part of her, making her sing the song of euphoria… Not the one created by lust, but definitely created by love.

She shivered with every orgasm, but I didn’t stop. She screamed with every eruption, but I refused to end this. Her neighbors would complain in the morning, but I didn’t care. Her pleasure was mine. Hearing her riding the waves of ecstasy had become my sole purpose.

Finally, she couldn’t take anymore and pushed my head away, her left leg twitching from the work I did.

I played with the juices she left on my beard before I undid my pants and showed my excitement.

She looked at my girth and then at my face. She said, “You’re trying to kill me.”

I laughed and said, “Never…”

She was laying on her left side. I spooned her and with my hand, I directed myself inside that moist entrance I had stimulated with my mouth.

The penetration was key for me. The gasp coming from her, the tightening of her walls closing in on me and how wet she was... It made me wish I could live like this forever.

I moved in and out of her slowly. Hearing those, ‘Mmmmmmh’ coming from her was like music to my ears.

But with love making, no encounter stays at a consistent slow pace. No good encounter that I know of. There were always variations. And we entered that variation. My pace increased. I added more power to my thrusts. She rested on of my left arm while my right hand held on to her breast.

I moved with so much desire, not taking in account my being out of shape, but my body reminded me and ultimately betrayed me. And there I was, losing that fast pace and that strong thrust, going back to the slow movements that we had started with.

But she was not done. She wanted more. She had gotten her second wind. As I slowed down, she backed her ass on me, as powerful as my thrusts had been and as fast as I was performing. I watched as her backside moved against me, over and over again.

Her cheeks clapping against me, sounding like a standing ovation made me more excited.

“Yes! Yes!” I said.

She knew that I was on the verge of erupting and that made her ready for hers as well. As I came, so did she. Her head turned to me, my lips turned to hers. My hands clinched on her breasts, both her hands clinched on my right arm.

The release was phenomenal. We had been going like this for a whole hour. Maybe more.

When it was all said and done, we laid in bed, sweaty and tired; her head resting on my chest, my chin on the top of her head. She caressed my stomach while I caressed her breast. Silence comforting us from what we were avoiding.

I asked her, “How long?”

“Please don’t ask that.”

“I need to know. How long?”

“We have 10 days before he comes.”

I kissed her forehead and said, “I love you, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. I love you too!”

I had fallen in love with a married woman who had been sponsoring her husband and child for the past 2 years. For a year, we had been together and we knew this moment would come.

In 10 days, our relationship would have to end. She would return to being a loving wife. She would go back to working in the restaurant where we met and I would go back to being its patron. Hellos would be shared, but nothing more. Our hearts would call to one another, but a contract she signed stating that she was for another would prevent us from responding to that call.

In 10 days, our hearts would break because we met in a wrong lifetime.

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