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Our meeting was unexpected...

But my curiosity got the best of me.

I could not explain it.

I had to see it through.

So when I knocked at your door that day, all of it was instinct.

I did not plan on taking you out for ice cream.

I did not plan on making you laugh till tears came out your eyes.

I did not plan on exchanging stories of our past lives.

But here we are...

We're on a bike, enjoying ourselves being reckless.

Laughing to our hearts content.

This day that should not have been will end with me dropping you home.

I'll go for a hug.

I'll hold on longer than I should.

My hand will grapple the back of your shirt.

You'll look up and I'll be more reckless by planting a kiss on you.

You'll kiss me back and we will embrace like that until we realize that we must return to our respective homes.

My wife was waiting for me and your husband was on his way home.

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